The Restaurant

The ingredients used in these local recipes are those typical of area of Treviso' cusine.

Whit the addition of Montebelluna's "fruits of the earth", or delicious mushrooms locally known as "ciodeti" which can be found included in numerous dishes such as "ciodeti in tecia".

These mouth watering mushrooms are also served as hors d'oeuvres, side dishes or as the basic ingredient for risotto's.

Excellent are also the cheeses, superb are meat dishes whether lean roast cuts, mixed grills or kebabs, these are rigorously served with helpings of polenta.

Dessert include locally grown fruits such as kiwis, grepes and Montello strawberries.

A final mention must go to the area's fine wines: Montebelluna is included in the area denominated "Strada dei vini del Montello e dei Colli Asolani".