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Montebelluna TV hotel a biadene di Montebelluna


The view from the Hotel Pineta.
The inhabited center is that of Biadene, beyond the hill catches a glimpse the bell tower of the Old Dome, this surpasses the inhabited center of Montebelluna.
The Dome is an imposing building constructed to the beginning of the century.
In the ancient center of Mercato Vecchio the Church dedicated to the Name of Maria and S. Biagio can be admired.
Villa Pisani, of communal property, accommodates the Musical Institute Malipier, and here organized concerts and theatral rappresentatins come.
In the past the forests of oaks of the Montello had been one source appreciated and protect wealth: quite the Paleovenete populations had made of Montebelluna a cult center.
The first important laws of the principle of conservation of the forest were those promulgate from the Senate of the Republic of Venice that, past in the forest of the Montello one richest source of supplying for just the arsenal.

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