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Montebelluna TV hotel a biadene di Montebelluna


If you are loving of the beauties of the Montello not lose the panoramic view from the terraces of our Hotel.
You will be able to admire the wonderful landscape that it encircles to you and to undertake activity of amusing to the opened air, you will be able to ask to our staff whom better know what you could do in the season in which you found.

Free wi-fi connection in public areas.

Albergo alla Pineta -di Guizzo Marina e C. s.a.s
Via Brigata Campania 42/a Biadene diMontebelluna (TV)

Tel. + 39 0423 302831 - Fax.+ 39 0423 302846
e-mail: info@albergoallapineta.com